So what is the secret within the secret?  U-Turns addresses 4th intervals, an underdeveloped  part of most guitarist's technique. 4th intervals need deliberate practice. U-Turns gives you 2 hours of "continuous 8's" type exercises that bring these 4th intervals into play. 

You can open up an incredibly powerful new freedom to create great phrases that go anywhere you want them to!The secret within the secret:
A counter-intuitive secret to effective practice of soloing is playing "continuous 8's."  Being able to play eighth note runs evenly and continuously without stopping. 

A continuous eighth note line is the opposite of creating a phrase, so it might seem like this would not be productive practice. When creating a phrase, the ideal situation is that your fingers will execute the phrase that you're hearing, to fit the music.  Practicing a burst of notes that end when our technique hits a limit, means our phrases will end at that point whether that is what the music is calling for or not.  Practice that includes "continuous 8's" is the most effective way to get beyond these technical stopping points or walls.




If you've ever had the experience of being on the gig and unexpectedly a tune comes up in Db or some other key with which you are basically unfamiliar, you know  the feeling of the guitar neck suddenly becoming something from an alien world.  NOT FUN!!! Timeworks videos gives you powerful musical practice concepts that totally immerses you in one key.  With these videos, you can be comfortable and musical no matter what key the music of the gig might demand. Each lesson is a complete different exploration, which can then be used in all keys.
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Trading Fours is probably the single most effective concept for practicing, that a guitar player can develop! 

You can use this concept to develop

ALL aspects of your playing!  The new T4s includes text from the original Trading 4's "One Shot", that Dana created in the early 90s, but now, includes contemporary new videos.  You will see aspects of real musical ability, that have never been addressed in your practice sessions, develop immediately.  Like all of Dana's courses, this will put you on a path of continuous and steady improvement!


Modules 1 and 2 are available now. 

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