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Dana offers hour-long, guitar lessons on Skype. 


The cost is $80 per hour and includes any materials he feels you may need which can be downloaded as PDF's before the lesson. Purchasing 4 Lessons in advance is discounted to $260.00.

Special (small class) rates are available for 2 to 4 students.

You can inquire about rates and ask any questions you may have at :


Visual Guide Tones Guitar Program

Available Now!


The "Visual Guide Tones Guitar Program"  is a year long course which provides information equal to, or superior to, the concepts found at  3rd and 4th year levels of the finest institutions in the world, including Berklee. Dana's unique, proprietary  and 'time proven' approach to visualization will take "years" off the learning process This exciting program covers all aspects of Improv, including:

  • Visualisation.

  • "Grove" Harmony and Theory as applied to the guitar.

  • Technique Development.

  • Phrasing.

  • Playing Thru, Over and Outside of chord progressions.

  • And much, much more!

Each part comes complete with either 3 DVD's or, 2 DVD's plus 1 Play-along CD. Includes PDF's 

Each part is only $59.95. 

Buy VGT complete or multiple lessons and take advantage of the discounts offered for purchases of $100.00 and above!

Visual Guide Tones 1 - 11
$59.95 each including S/H
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Chord Melody Series

Dana’s best selling series, Chord Melody Beginning to Advanced, takes you from the beginning with systematic inversion of triads and 4 part to the most advanced concepts of writing your own arrangements. An absolute must for those who wish to be a well rounded guitarist.

 Beginning Chord Melody 1 - 3 Day SALE Jan. 1-2-3  
Beginning Chord Melody 2 - $54.95  including S/H
Intermediate Chord Melody 1 - $84.95  including S/H
Intermediate Chord Melody 2 - $84.95  including S/H
Advanced  Chord Melody 1 - $99.95  including S/H
Advanced  Chord Melody 2 - $119.95  including S/H
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January 1st , 2nd and 3rd only !

BCM I only $29.95

Purchase this program complete for a 20% discount thru Nov. 30th

Composition Through the Guitar

Includes over 20 hours of ideas to develop your composition skills using guitar as the primary source. Discusses the many ‘Keys’ to composition including Harmony and Theory, Rhythms and Grooves, Melody Creation, Digital Audio Workstations, Triggers and more.

13 DVD set / Includes all PDF's

Now available as separate lessons for only $29.95 each.
All purchases over $50 include shipping  
Composition Through The Guitar -
$299.95 including S/H
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Explorations in Pentatonic

(AKA The Flying Kitten Series)

The Ultimate Systematic Approach to
Developing Your Technique

A new look at the Pentatonic scale, and a great way to build your chops with Visual Guide Tones’s Explorations in Pentatonic. AKA The Flying Kitten Series is a spontaneous teaching event that includes 3 1/2 hours of instruction and explores, in depth, using Pentatonic over a Rock Groove in different keys and tempos with all kinds of fantastic ideas to give you months and months of great paradigms to work on.

2 DVDs / Play along CD set / Includes all PDF’s

Explorations in Pentatonic -
$119.95 including S/H
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Back Cycling For Guitarists

A quick and effective way to learn reharmonization on guitar for:

  • Composition

  • Chord Melody

  • Improvisational Comping

One of the most concise and comprehensive looks at a topic that can literally change your 'guitar playing' life.
If your interests are in Jazz, Fusion or Latin, you can't afford to miss the unique and solid foundational concepts you  will definitely find in this course.

Mandatory for those wanting to become well rounded players.

" I had one epiphany after another about my own playing as I recorded this program.  Back Cycling gives you a direct insight into how all modern music is composed. I cannot express how such a simple concept has radically changed my thinking and playing on GUITAR ! "
Back Cycling for Guitarists -
$149.95 including S/H
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The Ultimate Systematic Approach to
Developing Your Technique

This 7 DVD set shows you how to create great sequences using every scale source worth talking about.

  • Major and Dominant Pentatonic

  • Major Scale and all Modes

  • Harmonic Minor

  • Melodic Minor / Lydian Dominant

  • Natural Harmonic Minor

  • 8 Note Dom. and Dim.

  • Whole Tone

  • Blues

  • Hybrids

  • Chromatic

Never find yourself in a rut again!


Dominant Pentatonic - The Series

Explore all 5 shapes of Dominant Pentatonic

  • Lesson 1,

  • Supplement 1

  • Lesson 2,

  • Supplement 2

  • Lesson 3,

  • Supplement 3

"After having access to this shape for over 30 years ,
I am convinced, that there is nothing as versatile to improvise with, and, no other shape that works so perfectly, in so many styles, as
Dominant Pentatonic" .
                        Dana Rasch
Dominant Pentatonic - The Series
$19.95 each

Beyond Chops 2

Each chapter comes with approximately 100 pages of text and workbook exercises. Plus new overview DVDs created by Dana specifically for each chapter.

  • Chapter 1

  • Chapter 2

Beyond Chops 2
Each Chapter - $119.95 each

I came across Dana Rasch in 2012 when I saw his Beyond Chops Program offered through the Dick Grove School Without Walls. Since I started guitar by studying with a great jazz piano teacher in conjunction with the Dick Grove Method to Improvisation, I knew I had to check this out.  I studied BC for a couple of years and received so much through his skills as a teacher and guitar educator that I purchased Beyond Chops 2, primarily for the topic of Dominant Pentatonic.  Still thirsting for more, I just purchased and started studying Dana's course called Sequences.  


Aside from being an incredible Jazz Guitar educator, I'm just as enamored by Dana's Guitar mastery and composition abilities through his CDs. I dislike comparing great guitarists as there are so many of them, but right now he is at the top of my list.


Rick McKeever 

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