• Visual Guide Tones - Year-long Guitar Program

  • Chord Melody - Year-long Guitar Program

  • Composition thru the Guitar -Year-long Guitar Program

  • Back Cycling

  • Sequences

  • Trading 4's

  • Time Works

  • U Turns

  • Dominant Pentatonic "The Series"

Visual Guide Tones is a fantastic course! I can’t say enough good things about it – except get it!!! I see the fretboard exploding daily! My role in a cover band as the guitar player has brought me from the guy always asking questions... to the guy answering questions! Thanks, Dana!

Aaron Duke

Great. The best musician I’ve ever seen. Very informative.

Allen Kelly

Pro Music, Atlanta, GA

Becoming a student of yours was the best thing I could do for my guitar playing. I will tell every one of my friends unequivocally that you have the best instructional materials. I have ever seen!

Sean Christiansen

Your music program has made a huge change in every aspect of music in my life and I feel honored to be one of your students! Thank you again for everything you have done for me.

Tony Baxter


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The new and exciting ONE SHOT PRO VIDEO lessons and courses are now available. The result of the collaboration between Dana Rasch and Dirk Price, both of whom were directors of the Dick Grove School of Music's, guitar program in the early 90s.  Many agree, the Beyond Chops Program, was possibly the only real contemporary guitar method at that time.  Beyond Chops was eventually converted so that students all over the world could study at home at a tiny fraction of the cost ,of coming to the US to find equivalent information .  In recent years, Dana has continued to create a plethora of powerful new course materials based on the same concept of "systematizing" to create a logical, easily absorbable lesson or course, similar to the  Beyond Chops method and Dick Grove's amazing approach to Modern Harmony,

                                                                   Dana's new programs include:

         COMPOSITION THROUGH THE GUITAR                SEQUENCES                       VGT (VISUAL GUIDE TONES) 


                   BACK CYCLING                                  CHORD MELODY SERIES              DOMINANT PENTATONICS

Most recently, Dana and Dirk have collaborated to produce a new, cutting-edge series of "One Shots" including:

                                   U-TURNS: course                  TRADING 4s : series                 TIME WORKS: series

Many of these concepts are truly unique and  cannot be found on the internet or in any music educational institute. 

If you're really serious about becoming the best guitarist you can be, these are the courses for you!

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Mark Potts -

DJ for Nusakan Radio London ...

So, what's this stuff like?

OK. Let's start with basics. Forget about pigeon holes and what genre it fits into. Do you like a bit of awesome guitar, some funky bass, and some precision drumming? Yeah? Well, never mind what category it fits in, you'll like this.

Seriously, this is hot stuff. Think Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Steve Morse level of guitar playing, really funky bass work, and drumming so sharp you could slice cheese with it, then you'll adore this. But, it's not quite that simple...

Because of Dana's teaching work, he has travelled all over the world and, because he loves to learn new things, he's soaked up influences from everywhere; Latin, Caribbean, Afro, you name a style, he's taken it, and fused it into his jazzy style of playing. I won't even pretend to know what I'm talking about how he does what he does. I'm a simple God of Thunder and it's either good and I'll play it or, it isn't, and I will not even use it as a coaster for my cuppa. I can't really tell you why it's good, I just know when I listen to it, that it is.

I understand you want to hear a bit before you take the plunge and fork out for something. So, I got sent this album a week or so ago and listening to it inspired me to do the following show:


So, you don't take my word for it, have a listen for yourself.

Songs on YouTube:

To listen to samples or download any of Dana's CD's, just click any of the links below and enjoy!

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